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I believe in prioritizing people, positive solutions and
empathy driven

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Self Starter

Research background

Experience across platforms

My Story

I like to believe I am someone who lives and thinks visually. Coming from a science background, the design field called out to me and I switched my career in the year 2021 to land up at IIT Hyderabad doing my Masters in Interaction Design. I am interested in understanding problems at the intersection of technology, art, and science with a passion for usability and diversity in solutions.


Science Research 

Meaningful changes come from chaos. Covid phase was full of ups and downs but it served as a time for me to self-reflection and empathize with my ego, which is the imperfect side of being human that many ignore. My mind was surrounded by questions about my life's purpose, personal values, and passion for work. As I connected the dots together I recognized my endless love for design hidden in me since my teenage years. The self questioning phase led me to make the defining decision of my life – to change my career and build upon the knowledge I learned as a researcher too.

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